Sunday, 8 March 2015

Timex Men's T499059J Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

I have very dressy watches but it gets kind of tiresome and weary wearing flashier watches on a day to day basis.

I needed an everyday watch that I could use everyday that was low key, manly, durable, and easy on the wallet. I'm so glad I was scrolling through amazon to find this gem.

Timex isn't known for being the most upscale but I do trust it as an everyday and dependable watch company

Here are some notes after owning it for a bit:

+ Looks matter completely
Undoubtedly the most important thing about the watch other than function is the look. It looks super slick and it definitely looks much more expensive above the $50 price tag. Serious steal here

+ Price won't hurt your wallet
I know Timex ain't no Rolex but the price is a serious plus. It allows me to sleep comfortable knowing that If I got my hand trapped under a rock and it crushed my hand, my watch can be replaced easily (eek).

+ Surprisingly durable
It can take a punch or two and won't scuff that easily. The body itself can take a beating but I'm not too certain about about the glass.

+ Comfortable
It's not too heavy and the band is very comfortable and easy to take off. The band doesn't 'catch' and get super stiff like most watches and undoing it is super easy. It's hard to explain in person but once you try to put and take off this watch you'll notice how easy it is.

+ Glows in the dark!
Press the middle button and it glows in the dark for you which seems gimmicky but it really is important sometimes

There is one minor annoyance though

- Second hand stopping
When you press the top button (by accident perhaps) it stops the second hand but the time does still keep going.
I noticed I kept pressing the top button by accident and it kept stopping the second hand which gave the impression that the watch was broken but it did not. It seems like a design mistake but other than that the watch is solid.

A very solid purchase, it looks even more beautiful in person (Check out my photos)!

5/5 Stars from me... Click To Zooom
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